Tuesday, January 16, 2024

The Smallest Gods: Unworthy Divinities For D&D

It's pretty weird that most game settings have vaguely Hellenistic deities that embody abstract principles, like sunshine and epilepsy. Except it's usually more something unreflective like "god of agriculture" and that's it. Boring! Also weird and bad is the idea that those gods derive some sort of power from worship, that faith is inherently valuable. That's some WASP-reading-D'Aulaires bullshit.

In this world, the gods are transactional, inhuman, and pathological. They can be bribed or killed but not befriended. A cleric is simply an expert at placating them. 

Awful Gods

(by skechityas)


A forge deity. He created half the sentient species kicking around but despises every one of them for their flaws, like an ill-tempered potter might feel about a kiln-cracked bowl. Vhalkana also has a hobby: hunting down weaker gods for spare parts. He has some priests who receive "improvements" in exchange for running errands, like hunting down fallen stars (pieces of sky gods) and harvest organs from other priests, which have trace compounds of divine "pneuma" that Vhalkana extracts with his Soul Kiln.