Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rust Snark

My present adventure is going pretty well. The PCs have found a clockwork garden from a lost civilization, a sort of clockwork Xanadu. They fought a slightly tougher version of the Snark, given here. The picture is by me, though I based some of the line work on a random google image that I found.

Rust Snark (huge construct)
A clockwork monster that resembles a cross between a shark and a lobster. It is surrounded by a cloud of poisonous corrosion.

Init +0
Speed 6
HP 100, Bloody 50
AC 17
F +10 R +2 W+5
-Resists: Fire 10, Cold 10
-Vuln: Electric 5

Chomp +9 Dmg 1d12
-Critical 18-20: On a critical, the shark bites off a limb. Any equipment worn on that limb is destroyed, even if not made of ferrous metal. Limb Loss Table (d6): 1-3: Leg, 4-5: Secondary Arm, 6: Primary Arm.

Aura: On the snark's turn, it automatically inflicts 4 poison damage to all adjacent creatures.

-Breath Weapon: The creature may exhale a short range cone of corrosion as a move action, 14 poison damage, Reflex 17 for half. It may not use this ability two rounds in a row. If a natural roll of 1-3 is rolled on this save, a piece of equipment is also destroyed. Roll 1d10 to determine which slot: 1: Head, 2: Neck, 3: Hands, 4: Waist, 5: Cloak, 6: Feet, 7: Ring, 8: Weapon/Implement, 9-10: Armor.

-Like Clockwork: This creature is immune to mind and metabolic effects.

-Bloody: When the snark becomes bloodied, it may immediately charge and make a chomp attack against the source of the damage that rendered it bloody, if the damage source is within range.

-Death: When the snark is slain, it explodes in a cloud of burning corrosion. Creatures within short range suffer as though targeted by it's breath weapon.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Campaign World Map

Here's the campaign map for my new game. The map isn't going to be used for a hex crawl or anything, my players just wanted some context for the game.