Friday, March 5, 2010

Revised Skill System

I fucking hate the normal skill system i 3e and 4e. They're equally pointless in both editions, and in 4e especially, the skill challenge system stinks. Both stifle creativity. So I actually made re-proficiencies ala 2e. These may require tweaking for your game, but I adore them.

Revised Skills

Each character starts with 3, plus one per INT MOD. Thieves get an extra +2, and bards get an extra +1. The DC for all of these abilities is 10. Unless otherwise noted, there is no penalty for failing a check, though botches may be penalized at DM discretion

Prep Skills
These checks may only be made at the start of each 24 hour cycle.

Armorsmithing: Dex. +1 masterwork bonus to AC for the day.

Cantrips: Int. You may memorize +2 first level spells, for the day.

Cooking: Con. +5 temporary hit points for party, for day.

Healing: Wis. Check to heal party additional +15 hp at the start of that day.

Inspiration: Cha. +1 morale bonus to your saves for day.

Meditation: Wis. +1 bonus to spell DC for day.

Strategy. Int. +2 morale bonus to party initiative for the day.

Tarot. Cha. When the chosen player rolls a natural 1 on attack rolls and saving throws no longer fumbles, but still fails.

War Machines: Int. Your attacks with siege engines enjoy a +2 masterwork bonus for the day, and inflict extra damage equal to your level.

Wild Magic: Con. Your spells enjoy a +2 luck bonus to their DC, for the day. If you fail this check, your spells suffer a -1 luck penalty to their DC, for the day.

Weaponsmithing: Str. +1 masterwork to attack rolls and touch spell DC for the day.

Combat Skills
Each of these may only be used once per encounter.

Alertness: Wis. Sense invisible creatures or gain +3 to save vs traps, as immediate action.

Balance: Dex. When you are hit by an area of effect ability, you may shift 15 feet as an immediate action.

Bandaging: Wis. Targeted player is healed his CON score.

Beast Taming: Cha. You may cause a single creature with a bestial level of intelligence to not take action during the first round, unless it is damaged, as an immediate action.

Diplomacy: Cha. You may cause a single intelligent target that is not inherently hostile to you to not take action during the first round, unless it is damaged, as an immediate action.

Dueling: Dex. Shift one space as free action.

Intimidation: Cha. Target that you have hit this turn is Afraid for encounter (no save), as move action.

Juggling: Dex. You gain a +3 bonus to your AC and saves against ranged attacks until the end of your next turn, as an immediate action. This ability may be used after a ranged attack has just hit, in order to make that attack missed (assuming -3 to that attack would be sufficient).

Jumping: Str. Add +2 to speed for one move action, or +4 speed if all you are doing this round is moving.

Mnemonics: Wis. Swap single spell for a different spell that you possess, as standard action.

Monster Lore: Int. Get resistances and vulnerabilities of a creature, as free action.

Parrying: Dex. +3 to AC until your next turn, as free action.

Poisoning: Int. Your next hit to hit this encounter inflicts additional poison damage equal to your level, move action. This skill botches on a natural roll of 1, 2, or 3.

Rallying: Cha. +1 morale bonus to attack rolls and spell DC for party, as free action.

Training Skills

These may only be used when the character that possesses them gains a level.

Endurance: Con. +1 max hp.

Research: Int. You may add an additional spell to your spell or prayerbook, of any level that you can cast.

Atropaics: Wis. You may attempt a skill check to un-equip a cursed item from a player, even before its level duration is finished.

Philosophy: Wis. You gain +8 XP.

Salvaging: Int. You gain you level x 50gp.

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