Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Carousing Table

Some grognard somewhere wrote a carousing table, with the idea that PCs could opt to try their luck every time they were in a town. This is my own take on it, with a few modified versions of that guy's ideas and some of my own. I wish I could remember where I got the idea from, or I'd give credit.

The idea is retro, but the stats are for my cribbed 3e rules.

Carousing Chart

When you have successfully completed a dungeon, you may spend 50 gp to roll on this chart:


Shotgun Wedding: Due to circumstances beyond your control, you have married an undesirable romantic partner. You suffer a -1 morale penalty to attack and spell DC for the entire next expedition.


Venereal Troubles: You couldn’t see the rash in the candlelight. You begin the first day of your next expedition diseased (unless immune), which lasts until cured.


A Big Misunderstanding: You end up in the stocks for three days. Probably for something arson-related. The harsh treatment causes you to begin the first day of the next expedition with 20 damage (minimum of 1 hp remaining).


Hangover From Hell: You suffer -1 to saving throws for the entire next expedition.


Wanted Man: You commit a series of petty crimes while under the influence, and need to lay low while in town. You cannot carouse the next time you complete a dungeon.


An Honest Mistake: Target of lewd advances turns out to be a witch. Make a Charisma check or you have a -2 penalty to saving throws for the entire next expedition. If your check succeeds, you enjoy a +2 bonus to saving throws for the entire next expedition.


Gambling Binge: You spend your time in gambling houses. You may wager up to 400gp. The DM flips a coin, and if you are correct then you double your money. If you are incorrect, the amount wagered is lost.


New Tattoo: You wake up the next morning with a headache and a new tattoo. It has a 50% of giving you a +1 or -1 modifier to a randomly determined ability score. Reroll for a new score if it would increase a stat beyond 20.


Rest and Relaxation: You enjoy a +1 bonus to saving throws for the entire next expedition.


Learn From The Master: You encounter a higher level adventurer of your class, who teaches you a few new tricks. You gain access to an additional class feat of your choice, until you go up a level.


Spiritual Experience: You go on a vision quest or something after smoking some really kush stuff. Henceforth, raising you from the dead costs 50gp less than it otherwise would.


Interesting Romantic Entanglement: If you aren't already married, you have developed an interesting romantic relationship. Your better half gives you a +1 bonus to an ability score of your choice, so long as you don't get married in a shotgun wedding.

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