Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doppleganger Part I

Tim responded to my earlier monster post with one of his own, though he has not yet released it. My turn, again:

Lumpenproletariat Doppleganger
A harmless beggar, or a criminal shapeshifter?

Init +2
Speed 6
HP 20
AC 13
F +2 R +6 W+0

Imitated Weapon (type is irrelevant) +5
Dmg 1d8, sneak attack +1d6

Sympathetic Shapeshifting: The doppleganger may transform into an identical copy of a humanoid from whom it has obtained an object. The object must have been handled most recently by the humanoid that the doppleganger wishes to change into, and must have been handled during the past hour. Once copying a creature, the doppleganger mimics that person's appearance and equipment with perfect accuracy, though none of it is functional. The doppleganger may remain in this altered form for up to a week.

Combat Trickery: Once per encounter, the doppleganger may use its unnaturally protean form to misdirect a melee attack that targets it. The attack is instead directed at another creature to whom the doppleganger must be adjacent.

Racial Immunities: The doppleganger is immune to any spells that reveal alignment, veracity, identity, culpability, or location.


In its natural form, this doppleganger appears to be a pale humanoid with no facial features save large gray eyes, and the only other form that it may assume without using its sympathetic shapeshifting ability is that of an unremarkable beggar.

This variety of doppleganger subsists on a peculiar diet consisting entirely of alcoholic beverages, which do not cause inebriating effects in its species. In order to pay for it's liquid meals, the creature will often assume the shape of people that gift it with funds, and then commit simple crimes such as mugging and burglary. It's assumed form will usually protect it from justice.

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