Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Shot Across The Bow

Tim wanted to separately stat some of the monsters from our list earlier. So, in my own rules shorthand, here's one:

Chimney Cadaver
During the day it is a powerless spirit, but at night it becomes a silhouette of ghostly ash that emits choking sobs as it terrorizes the living.

Init +2
Speed 6
HP 40
AC 16
F +5 R +3 W+3

Vulns: 5 cold.
Resists: 15 fire.

Burning Touch +6
Dmg 1d6+1

Black Lung: Every three rounds, a chimney cadaver may exhale a 15-foot cone of burning ash. Any creature hit suffers 1d10 fire damage, Fort 13 for half. Any creatures that fail their save are also slowed for the next day (their speed is reduced to 10 feet).

Death Knell: When reduced to 0 hp, the chimney cadaver explodes in a fiery conflagration. Any creatures within ten feet are affected as though hit by the black lung ability.

Undying: A chimney cadaver that is slain will reform after 1d6 days if its body is not found and given a proper burial.

Spawn: Any creatures slain by the chimney cadaver's black lung ability that do not receive a proper burial will return in 1d6 nights as a chimney cadaver.

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