Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hungry Idol

Unrelated to my ongoing collaboration with Tim about urban monsters, I present this:

Hungry Idol (construct)
A stone idol to a false deity can sometimes become animate by the power of the blood sacrificed to it. This stone idol leaks blood from its maw as it seeks to fill its endless hunger.

Init +4
Speed 4
HP 85
AC 17
F +10 R +4 W+4

Bite or Slam +10
Dmg 1d8 (claw), 1d12 (bite)
-Any creature hit by the claw attack must Fort DC 18 or fall prone.
-Any creature hit by the bite attack must Will DC 18 or be unable to attack or use a touch spell against the hungry idol while adjacent to it, for one hour. A victim of this power may still use a reach weapon to attack it. This is a fear-based, mind effect.

Bloodlust: If any PC is reduced to 0 hp or less by the hungry idol's bite attack, it immediately heals 30 damage.

Resistances/Immunities: The hungry idol enjoys DR 5 and energy resistance 10 against acid, cold, electricity, and fire. It lacks a biology and has only the most rudimentary mind and so is immune to physiological or mind effects.

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