Sunday, May 31, 2009

Subverted Modron

Subverted Modron
A clockwork outsider from the lawfully aligned planes, reprogrammed by a clockwork mechanician to serve him.
Init -5
Speed 6
HP 100, Bloody 50
AC 13
F +5 R +1 W+3
-Resists: poison 10, misc 10 (see below)

Pliers +10
Dmg 1d6 + 5.

Orderly Combat: Once per round when the modron is targeted with an offensive spell, he may immediately cast a spell that targets the source of the spell.

Spells: Burning Hands, Flame Arrows, Incinerating Touch. (Swap with any first to third level spells that you like)

Orderly Adaption: Once per round when the modron suffers energy damage, he may immediately change his misc energy resistance to that energy type. This does not help against that particular energy attack, but remains that energy resistance until the end of the encounter or the modron decides to change it.

Logical Aura: Any creature opposing you must roll a Will save DC 20 at the start of the encounter, or become delirious for the duration of the encounter.

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  1. I love the clockwork. This one reminds me of a Richard Lee painting, minus a floral/paisley phallus or two.