Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Clockwork Prawnalope aka "The Brillig Beasty"

This was the boss of the "futuristic" clockwork dungeon that my PCs have just hacked their way through. It was a pretty neat dungeon, I'm digging the clockwork chic. I omitted the limb loss stuff that all my bosses/minibosses in this campaign have.

Mechanical Prawnalope (huge construct)

A mechanical creatures resembling a cross between a deer and a giant prawn.
Init +5
Speed 8
HP 140, Bloody 70
AC 17
F +11
R +4
W +3
-Resists: Electric 20

Claw +9 (Crit 17-20)
dmg 1d10
-May make Whirlwind Attack as a full round action.

-Ram: When struck by a ranged attack or spell, the prawnalope may immediately charge the source of the damage and make an attack, assuming that the target is within its movement range. If the attack hits, the target is knocked prone unless he is wearing heavy armor.

-Bloody: When first bloodied, the prawnalope may emit a medium range lightning bolt that is 10' wide and inflicts 24 damage, Reflex 19 for half.
-While bloodied, the prawnalope's whirlwind and ram damage increase by 2d6 damage.

-Death: When destroyed, the prawnalope explodes, causing 8 fire damage to creatures within short range.

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