Friday, July 17, 2009

Solarian: Solarian's Domains

These domains are those associated with the deity Solarian. Each has a taboo which must be adhered to, or the Hierophant (cleric) cannot use that domain any longer. Many of these spells are from non-core books. I didn't need to go above 4th level spells for this campaign, and I always cut corners where I can, so the domains are unfinished.

Silence (Solarian)

Granted Power: You may restore a creature to life that died of damage within the past round. You touch the creature and roll 1d6 per character level; if the total of you roll exceed their negative hp score, the creature is restored to life at 0 hp.
Taboo: You may not speak above a whisper.
1: Mute: Target makes Will sv. or cannot speak for 1 min/lvl. Gaze-attack based.
2: Aura against Flame: Ignores 10 fire dmg/rnd and extinguishes fires.
3: Holy Storm: Good-aligned rain falls in 20' radius, damages evil creatures 2d6/rnd.
4: Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser: Stops 1st- through 3rd-level spell effects.

Power (Solarian)

Granted Power: You do not need to specifically memorize 0th level spells, and instead cast them freely as a sorcerer from your list. You should still memorize as usual because you may lose access to this domain if you violate the taboo.
Taboo: You cannot fight a foe over whom you have an unfair advantage; for example, you must dismount to fight a pedestrian foe, arm an unarmed humanoid opponent, et ceteras.
1: Rhino's Rush: Your next charge deals double damage.
2: Enhance Power: As Cat's Grace, except +4 morale to target's highest ability score.
3: Aid, Mass: As aid, but 1 creature per level.
4: Enlarge Person, Mass: Enlarges several creatures.

Innocence (Solarian)
Granted Power: You enjoy a +2 morale bonus to your AC and spirits cannot attack you with melee attacks, nor control you with compulsions. Compulsions originating from non-spirits function normally.
Taboo: You may not gain taint.
1: Remove Fear: You resist -2 of morale penalty and gain +2 to saves for 10 minutes.
2: Spell Immunity, Lesser: As spell immunity, but only 1st and 2nd level spells.
3: Purge Sin: Subject that is not you loses 1 taint, takes 10d6 subdual damage.
4: Transfer Wounds, Greater: Heals 4d10 +1/level, caster takes half that as subdual.

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